I know this is an old topic, but bear with me. I love my '96 R1100RT, but it certainly seems to have the "surging problem". At 2500-3000 rpm, 2nd gear, holding the throttle steady, it wants to constantly go slightly up and down. The bike doesn't surge back and forth, but it isn't a steady engine output. It had Autolite Xp3923 plugs in it when I got it. Plus four used 3923s, plus two Bosch Super Plus plugs, and two new Autolite AP3923 plugs. I gather the previous owner was working on the problem. I just did a complete tuneup and put in $28.00 worth of BMW FR6DDCs. When I asked the parts person at Bob's BMW about the Autolites he was pretty curt, saying, "We don't deal with Autolites, only BMW plugs." I guess he was well aware of the problem, but didn't want to validate it.

The bike seems to run very well now, much better since I synced the two sides. The BMW plugs seem to be nice, twin electrode plugs. And BMW does specify them for this machine. I would think they know what it is supposed to take. Should I scrap the pricey BMW plugs and put in the Autolite Platinum 3923s? Will it possibly solve the problem? Any why? What is it about the cheaper Autolites that make the machine run better than the $14 per plug BMW plugs?