OK, so probably the last sunny day in fall today, go on a ride to a restaurant that has a history for me - years ago, I ran out of gas on my R50/2 on this road. Damned if I didn't run out of gas today in the exact same place! I felt it getting low, so I switched to reserved, it got me maybe 2 miles before it was bone dry.

Turns out a fellow BMW rider lived about 300 yards from where I stopped, so he set me right.

But then, about 40 minutes later, I'm on a main drag, and the bike just dies.

Acted like no spark, no fuel.

The bike cooled off for about 30 mintes, push started, got it running again.

I remember hearing something about overheating coils. Can anyone fill me in on this?

I also have a question about the oil breather. This bike tends to burp up a nice mist from the breather tube. What does this signal?

Thanks for all the help and advice, and I hope all of you had weather like I did today (but better luck!)