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    Hard to believe you can ride in 65 degree whether in Michigan on Veterans Day.
    What a way to thank those who make the USA a place where you can ride a motorcycle safe and sound.

    Hope all Veterans had a great day, and where about to enjoy the day as much as my friends and I on our motorcycles.
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    Yesterday it got up to 77 deg. and I was able to ride over to Gina's BMW and back, about 370 miles. It was a little breezy with 30 to 40 mph winds
    It rained this morning and and the afternoon temps stayed around 28 deg.

    Thank you to all the veterans out there.
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    With the great weather, I gave myself a challenge to get a thousand miles over the three days. I took a quick trip to Nashville, In on a challenge from friend saying I wouldn't go. 260 miles on Friday good start. Then i checked my tires Friday night and found I am almost to tread wear bars. I got about a hundred miles with my son on Saturday for some Ice cream but thats about all I wanted to push it just in case. Wife went about 250+ today on her own. I was depressed. New tire getting ordered tomorrow. Saying 50 deg. next weekend.

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    I saw the parade in Joplin this weekend. I remember taking dad down there in his power chair, and helping him "march" in his last parade. His dementia was pretty advanced then, but he knew what and where he was, what he was doing and answered all questions correctly about when and where he served. He had a good time.

    A big thanks to you Dad, and all the other veterans, past present and future.


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    Was that your first bike beerman? Your older than I thought!

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    You didn't buy that from two brothers who went off East to test their flying machine did you?
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