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Thread: Headlight wiring meltdown!

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    Angry Headlight wiring meltdown!

    This is what happens when you replace a 55w bulb with a 100w bulb on an 2002 1150 GSA. Your headlight wiring melts down because the circuit is not protected. Anyway I traced it back to the main harness and looks like it continued to melt inside the main harness.

    I am assuming I have to replace the main harness so I picked up a wiring harness for a 2001 GS of eBay for $115 and the part numbers match with the 2002 GSA. FYI dealer cost is $1500+.

    Looking for any advice or tips before I jump into this project.

    P.S. no I did not mean to put a 100w bulb in I should have grabbed my reading glasses before I installed the bulb. Getting old sucks
    Don Burns
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    Wow !
    Its too bad those bulbs don't have different pin arrangements on them. Good luck wit,h the project.
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    I don't understand why only some of the circuits connected to the Load Relief relay are fused.

    The heated grips and horn circuits each have their own fuses, while the headlights (low and high beam) and corner lights (flasher) aren't. It doesn't seem to make sense.

    Then in 2004 BMW added a fuse to the high beam lamp but not the low beam.

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    How long did it take for this to happen? I've had a 100 W high H4 in my bike for most of this year and haven't had any issues. I only run the high beam at speed out of fear of overheating the lamp housing, but I haven't noticed any wiring issues. We are talking about a less than 10 A load @ 12 V. That isn't all that much.

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    Add relays to your headlights and a beefier ground wire. This is not a new issue on BMWs.
    Bob Weis
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    Go to the Eastern Beaver website and buy a relay harness for your headlight circuits. Tons of info there.
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