This morning, five of us climbed on our bikes in 26 degree weather and rode about 50 miles through the mountains and had breakfast at Shatley Springs ( before we headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway. After a wonderful breakfast, we made our way to the Parkway in NC about 50 miles from the Virginia line. It was a beautiful but very different Parkway experience as we rode back into Virginia and made our way home.

For those of you who have the opportunity, I encourage you to ride the Parkway when there are no leaves on the trees. The views are much better because you can see the valleys, rock formations, and many other beauties of nature that are hidden by the leaves and undergrowth of summer. I live relatively close to the Parkway and I have visited the Parkway in winter for decades. I prefer to enjoy the Parkway on a bike but it is still a unique experience in a car.