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Thread: 1998 BMWR1100 driveline lash

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    1998 BMWR1100 driveline lash

    New to the BMW world. Picked up a 98 with 19,000 miles. Nice condition. Question for all of you experienced riders. What is normal driveline lash? Mine just makes a click when I let out the clutch. The previous owner took excellent care of the bike. It has not been abused. I am going to guess this is normal and will accompany bike for the next 100,000 miles. Thanks for your input.

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    Expect at least 2 " or more of tire rotation as slack is taken up in the final drive,splines, and transmisson. Several meshes as well as gear ratios accumulate at the tire. But absent clanking, or other signs of a problem, just ride the dang thing.
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    Welcome here! 19,000 miles? You lucky dog you.

    One would be hard pressed to wreck the drive line in 19K on these bikes. I mean you would really have to thrash it. It's a dry clutch. They all have a clunk to them when the clutch is let out and since yours just sounds like a click (as opposed to a loud clunk!) you are already being nicer to it than most guys!

    Once you get used to it and where the "engagement" spot is it is possible to let it out with no noise at all but you are not hurting anything. Nature of the beast.

    Enjoy it!
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    I have a 94 R1100RS, on the 2nd driveshaft and clutch, but the rest of the driveline including the rear drive hub are original at 170,000 miles. Driveline lash is as Paul describes.
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