On more than one occasion, I've been stopped at an intersection, light changes, start to go, but discover the bike (GTL) is in neutral. I down-shifted like I usually do, heard the clunk each time, but apparently either did not go into first gear with the last clunk or it slipped out. When that happens, I pull in the clutch, press down on the shift lever, hear that strong "clunk", and it usually goes into 1st, but sometimes it's still in neutral and has to be pressed again once or twice to get it into first. The dealer checked the linkage and says it's fine and most of the time there is no problem.

On a 20 mile trip through numerous stoplights, I often make it home without a single malfunction, but some days it will happen two or three times. The record so far is seven failures to go into first during one trip home.

I'm sure it is not my shifting technique, because I have ridden motorcycles for decades (including other Beemers - an RT and an LT) and have never had this happen. Anyone else have this experience? Any ideas?