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Thread: Motolights.... Are they better than PIAA's 1100 series

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    Motolights.... Are they better than PIAA's 1100 series

    First off,I will state that I tried the search button and the damn button did not function!!

    That said I have a chance to purchase some used fork mounted Motolights(clear bulb,55 watt I believe) from another R11RT. I have a set of PIAA's(clear bulb,55 watt) that I would need to fab up a mount and paint the dinged up housing on one light before a install. The Moto's would be a direct install and go....those who have seen both in action,your thoughts please???


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    Neither is very good at putting light down the road for all the power they consume but both make decent conspicuity lights.
    Both of these types are actually obsolete compared to other items now available but both have a long history of use..Wouldn't say either is superior to the other- just different features.
    You might be able to buy EzyMounts or other commercial mounts for the 1100s...

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    While I'm using them on a K1200LT, I do have the fork (not caliper) mounted Motolights. As posted they do not put any really usable light down the road. They are however very good at making you conspicuous. And that statement comes from other motorcyclists. I have thought of replacing the halogen motolights with an LED bulb to match the HID headlight upgrade better. But I've been told the halogens look a bit yellow compared to the HID and the contrast makes me even more visible.

    I'd go Moto just for the ease of installation.
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    I have both on my '04 K1200GT,Motolights for cospicuity(as they do not fill in area of low beam) Piaa 1100x under fairing,below headlight(they do fill in low beam area with white light) if aimed to project farther down the road everyone flashes highbeams at you including police. My GS buddies that mount them higher get farther lighting down the road. Someone used to make a bracket to mount Piaa's between the mirror and fairing,thats pretty high.

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    I have Motolights on the brake calipers of my CLC. They fill in the spots close to the front and sides of the bike not lit by low beams. For lighting down the road the vertically mounted high beams on my bike are very effective on country roads. I plan on replacing the low beam headlights this coming spring and see no need for HID lamps on this bike. Motolights do make you quite visable without blinding on coming drivers. Blinking my highbeams more than once is seldom required to convince on-coming vehicles to go back to low beams until they has passed by.
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    I have pencil beam driving lights and moto lights. When turned on at night the driving lights are with high beam and the moto lights are with low beam. The moto lights work great in this role, giving good ditch lighting when I am forced my oncoming traffic to go to low beam.

    Theay are also great withe either high or low beam as conspicuity lights during the daytime..
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