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Thread: Gerbing's heated socks or insoles?

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    Gerbing's heated socks or insoles?

    Most people that had the old socks would complain about feeling the wires. The heated insoles were made to combat that problem but the new socks have microwire which should also fix that problem.

    I'm looking for opinions before making a purchase. Microwire Socks or Insoles?

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    Only gets to low 20s where I live and a pair of TechSox under BMW boots is plenty of protection on my RT. Maybe if I had a naked or a GS I'd want them but have seen no need yet...

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    I ride an oil head, where there is no protection from elements. I for simplicity sake wear only Smartwool socks in summer and winter. In winter riding here in Southern California, it can get to mid to high 30s (out side temperature, not at 60 mph speed, which would bring it further down). Smartwool works just fine, it gets cooler, then I simply wiggle my toe and fingers for a bit to make sure blood circulation is still there.

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    The insoles do just fine. I use them inside of 200g insulated Danner boots with SmartWool socks, and have had no issues in the teens for hours on end.

    I have a pair of their socks I've never worn, as the insoles provide all the warmth I need.

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    We had the old thick Gerbing socks which I did not care for because if it warmed up in the afternoon the socks were too hot even after you shut off the heat.
    Both of us switched to insoles several years ago and like them much more.
    I have not tried the new thinner microwire socks and see no reason to.
    I like the insoles.
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    I have a hard time finding socks I like, and I had the stepping on wires problem. Insoles rock!
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