It looks like I will have to remove and replace the speedometer on my 04 R1150RT. I am getting a high pitched whine with needle fluctuations. If I take the bike apart I will most likely go for a permanent fix instead of the temporary repair some folks have suggested. It's too much work to take the bike apart and have to do it again in the near future if the temp repair doesn't work out.

I removed the fairing side panels, windshield, black plastic fairing piece under the windshield and loosened the dashboard panel enough to see the area behind it without disconnecting the RID, headlight adjustment knob and fog light switch.

I still can't figure out how to get the speedometer out without taking the front part of the fairing off the bike. Can anyone tell me if I need to remove the rest of the front fairing or are the bolts I see on each corner of the instrument area all that is holding the speedometer and rpm.

Thanks for the help.