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Thread: Trailer-in-a-bag & K1200LT

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    Trailer-in-a-bag & K1200LT

    Hello everybody,

    I recently purchased a used Trailer-in-a-bag for use with my '02 K1200LT. Does anyone have experience securing this particular BMW on this trailer or any other trailer for that matter?

    For lateral stability it appears to me that the only suitable hook locations on the bike are on frame members under the seat and therein lies the problem for me. The come-along straps would wench themselves too tight against the body panels since those straps would be in a downward angle towards the trailers axle mounted tie-down points.

    I would love to hear other riders tips, experiences & successes when it comes to properly tying this machine down to a trailer.

    Thank you

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    Trailer woes

    Many shops and accessory catalogs offer pairs of strap loops that can be wrapped around handlebars and hard to get to frame rails to hook up tie-down straps.

    I would caution you to get help while finding out what works. I seem to get into trouble more often loading and unloading bikes then riding them.

    Wayne Koppa
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    Soft ties around the fork legs above the fork brace at the fender.
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    BMW recommends tying the front forks and the subframe under the rear bags. If you want to buy new handel bars use them as tie points, because they will bend!

    I have use the recommended BMW tie point a few times and they worked fine. I also had the front wheel in a chock. HTH
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    Great advice from everybody, thank you. Also, thanks to everyone for your quick replies.

    The handlebars were never in contention as an anchor point. My next step is to follow the advice given herein and learn more about the BMW recommended tie down points.

    Now I know what I'll be doing this weekend .... the tips are much appreciated!

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    One other warning: Do not be tempted to remove the tip-over wing covers and use the bars as tie-down points.

    The wings are very strong in the upward direction (the tip-over direction), but have virtually no resistance to being pulled downward.

    It doesn't take much downward force to snap the rear tip-over bar mounting boss off the frame, at which point you are looking at $2500+ just for the replacement part (the entire main frame) -- unless you can find that rare welder that can (and even more, its willing to try) to weld the boss back on, on a cast Aluminum frame of unknown alloy composition.
    Mark Neblett
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