I tried to search the forum before posting this but something is preventing the Search This Thread tab from opening---sorry if this has been discussed before.

I just got the fan blades/front motor shroud pried off and can see how this happened in the first place (fan spindle mashes into the back of the radiator).

Is there any remedy for this? I thought of hot-gluing the fan shroud at the end of the motor shaft but the heat from the radiator would probably melt this and be ineffective.

Maybe a bit of Fast Steel epoxy putty on the end instead?

When I install the new fan (hopefully in the next couple of hours today) I'll soft hammer the shroud back on very well and just keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't work it's way up the shaft to rejoin the back of the radiator which it seems prone to do. I wonder if grinding off the round bushing or nub at the front of the shroud is a good or bad idea?

This must have been what caused my chirping noise all along! Oh, well, now I have a brand new radiator fan that I won't have to worry much about and I can always sell the old fan motor to recoup some of my expense; it appears to be fine (I'll run it on my adjustable power supply a good while to make sure).