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Thread: lowered f700GS Payload...

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    lowered f700GS Payload...

    Just sold my C14, looking at the F700GS as a replacement. I'm 5'8", and I would like to put a Russell on the bike, so I'm looking at the low suspension version. I'm #275 (my highest in a while).. BMW lists the max payload as #309.. Is this a stupid bike for me?

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    You may have answered your own question.

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    Pretty simple to put on your riding gear and everything else you would take with you and weigh it. I'd be uncomfortable exceeding bikes max but I see guys doing it all the time. Fwiw I hit my all time high last January and used the added payload from weight loss as my motivator. Amazing how much faster my bike is after losing 50. Now if I could drop the other 100 that I need to lose I'd have it made!

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