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    Nick Kennedy
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    Life Insurance

    Hi Gents
    Shopping for Rider friendly Life Insurance, any suggestions?
    thanks in advance
    Nick Kennedy

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    I'm happy with what Captain America had. Pay out isn't good but at least premiums are free.

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    Registered User argent brick's Avatar
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    Look for something similar to what members of our military use. I think it is called SGLI.
    It is cheap and has fantastic coverage.
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    Old man in the mountains osbornk's Avatar
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    I would only consider term insurance regardless of who you buy it from.
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    Rpbump USN RET CPO Rpbump's Avatar
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    Thumbs up

    Term insurance is cheaper in the long run. Life insurance offered by your place of employment is usually quite affordable. Since I ride 12>15k miles per year I also purchase Med-Jet insurance. RIDE SAFE
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    Talking Whoa.

    Ok, roll off some throttle and scrub off some speed here.
    I am in the securities and insurance biz.

    There is a difference between just riding motorcycles and racing them. If you merely ride them, life insurance will be very affordable. If you race them, then that is a very different story.

    But, like anything else, if your DMV record has recent incidents of DWI or a block of moving violations, then you may end up paying more or even declined for coverage.

    If your need has definite start and end, or if the coverage is short term AND you have your financial house in order, then term insurance is perfectly fine.

    There are reasons to have permanent coverage, but this is not the forum for that type of discussion. Also, one gets what one pays for. Super cheap prices may mean not as good fine print.

    PM if you have questions. TY, Howard
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