I was filling the GSA with 7.5 gallons of premium unleaded this morning when the "vapor recovery" boot on the pump nozzle bumped the red cone part of my fuel tank cap, snapping the lid off at the hinge and sending it skidding across the ground.

I was able to get the lid to "click" back in to place, but it ain't perfect, and I wouldn't go off-road or touring any distance with it this way.

Has this happened to anyone else? Considering the nature of the bike, I can't believe the fuel tank cap snaps off so easily!

Is there an after-market improvement available (i.e. not something prone to break off during an otherwise routine fill-up)?

I got the bike on the last day of May, and while it has just over 4200 miles on it by now, it's still too new to have gas caps snapping off!