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Thread: 1975 R75 /6 Grounding Cable

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    1975 R75 /6 Grounding Cable

    I'm riding along going to the gas station that sells non-ethenonl fuel when my bike dies. I pull off and immediately notice the grounding wire dangling next to the bike. The end had broken that was bolted to the engine case. I pushed the bike to a parking lot and tried to reconnect what was left of the end of the grounding cable. The bike would start and then the generator light would come on and then it would die. I went to an auto parts store and bought a cable that was made for a car so the eyelets in the end of the cable were too big and I'm thought that it should have been grounded well enough, but the same symptoms occurred. I then suffered the humiliation of having it towed home (but my neighbors thought it was a new bike).

    Other than getting a proper ground wire and testing the battery (1 yr old), are there any suggestions of what else could be wrong? Could I have damaged the generator somehow?

    I did put a battery tender on right when I got home and the light on the battery tender that evening turned green.
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