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Thread: Arai Vector 2 - Phil Read

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    Arai Vector 2 - Phil Read

    Does anyone else here ride with an Arai Vector version 1 Phil Read Helmet? I've been riding with this helmet for a couple years and love the design b/c it's more than a single color but not too drastic. It's easily the best helmet I've worn.

    I've recently found out that there is a new version for the Arai Vector 2 that should be out early next year.

    The only thing I'm not 100% on is the British flag on the front of the helmet (opinions welcome). On my current helmet I put an American flag over the British one but I'm having second thoughts about whether that really matters or not. Phil Read was a British rider.

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    The current Arai Vector 2 - Classic Star is VERY similar to the Phil Read edition, but without the flag. Has a 4 point starburst on the side...pretty classy looking without some of the intense graphics of other helmets...

    And as to displaying a Union Jack instead of Old Glory, no problem. Phil was of course a Brit, so it's a just a tribute to his achievements.

    On one of my earlier helmets, I attached a Scottish Saltire flag, and got nothing but compilments. (Of course my family is of Scots descent!)

    Bill Johnston

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