I recently purchased an old high mileage (235,000) 1985 K100rt from a reseller that was last registered to "William Engstrom" In Palm Springs, CA.
Upon dis-assembly I found a BMW 500,000 mi. award placard affixed to the dash. I learned from the reseller that Mr. Engstrom requested the part back but never contacted them. My net search ran out of leads when his last address came back as no lnger there.
I have cleaned up this valuable memento and am lovingly storing it for Mr. Engstrom of possably his heirs.
If anyone has ANY knowledge or history about Bill, I would love to talk.
Surely with over 500,000 miles of BMW riding history there must be any number of members that know Bill or something about him.
Please help me get this wonderful award back in it's rightful place, with Bill.
Contact ibjman@cox.net