I joined MOA in June, but never got around to checking it out until I needed something. (that would be about now.. I bought my 2010 g650gs two years ago and have enjoyed it almost every day since. (Even if it sits in the garage about 4 months a year.. its nice to just say hi to it every morning. Ownership changed where I bought it, and I found myself wanting a new garage to take it to. Thankfully I found one, about 60 miles further away, but worth every mile.
I recently did my first long distance solo trip from Wisconsin to Arizona, with a nice side trip to Death Valley nearing the end. My little red bike is sitting comfortably in Tucson in a family member's garage, a lot warmer than it is up here. Its about time for service and I'd like to get it done in Arizona, when I go back for a few days in December. Does anyone have any suggestions for garages down that way? I also posted something in the club pages for AZ area, not sure where I should go.
Thanks for any help,