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Thread: New Models ?

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    New Models ?

    Any rumors of new Wasserkopf models ? Maybe the RS making a come back for 2013 ?

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    Hans Bleese referred to an RT replacement coming after the GS, but no mention of any other follow-on products. I'd wager an R12R is a sure thing. An RS? maybe, but to me doubtful -- the previous RS and ST were dropped in large part due to lack-luster sales.
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    I'd like to see a new RS. IMO the RS is one of those motorcycles that defines BMW. No wonder for the lackluster sales, they let the previous RS get long in the tooth then replaced it with the hideous looking ST. There's been no RS at all since the 1200 series came out. I believe BMW Motorrad's new designer is the one who originally designed the R1100RS, maybe he'll draw up a new water-cooled RS for 2014 or 2015?
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    "Adventure" bikes and farkles for adventure bikes are what's selling. BMW is paving the way in that respect. The GS series has both bikes that are for the true offroader as well as bikes that are really nothing more than "standard" streetbikes. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    The R-RT and the K-GT's take care of touring and sport-touring. We won't see an R-S or an R-RS with the wethead engine. That's my prediction.

    I'll be keeping my old generation RS's for awhile anyway. I don't think I'm even close to being in BMW's target market for new motorcycle sales. I'm OK with that.
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    r models

    i think BMW is smart enough to know there will always be a market for naked bikes.

    one thing i sometimes wonder about is why couldn't the r model be manufactured to accept easily installable and removeable rt type tupperware.
    probably because it would make too much sense and adversely affect rt sales.
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    Rio's got a good point -
    I've often wished, on both of my RTs, that I could just delete the bottom fairing sections and the covers around the exhaust & the rear of the cylinders (and leave the uppers).
    That sure would make basic maintenance less tedious; but the sections support each other so everything has to be in place.

    A few years ago at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach CA, BMW displayed a couple of variations of "naked" or "custom" bikes, and asked people to submit suggestions and comments about what they liked or didn't like in a box. I suggested fenders that actually kept road crap off the front of the engine. Obviously they didn't listen...

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