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Thread: 2013 R1200RT Chrome exhaust

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    2013 R1200RT Chrome exhaust

    Contemplating a new RT purchase. Dealer wasn't sure when I asked the question about the "chrome exhaust" in one of the packages. He seems to think it isn't chrome, but highly polished stainless steel.

    Does anyone know if it is steel that is chome plated, or polished stainless steel?

    Would prefer stainless steel as less maintenance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Stainless is standard

    Chrome is optional It is chrome.

    Well, it has been. 2013 could be new and different

    BTW, when it gets old, the stainless headers are butt-ugly brown. Chrome maintains some semblance of good looks, but it will be blue. You can probably verify this by looking at some of your dealer's used bikes.
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    Stainless or Chrome Exhaust

    If I were buying again I would consider the chrome exhaust over the stainless.
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    Spend the $150 and get the chrome. Keep in mind this a single walled exhaust and that is why near the head it discolors; nothing unpleasant to the eye but it will not remain straight chrome. BTW, I believe the chrome option also gets you the chrome can which will remain what you would expect from something chrome. There is no discoloration at this end of the exhaust.

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    The systems are equally durable but that browned stainless, though a bit of a BMW trademark, is pretty ugly. The chrome blues like any chrome up by the cylinders and back a couple feet of the pipe.
    You won't get the shiney chrome look of a double wall pipe on a BMW. If you don't like blued or browned, you can get the pipe ceramic coated- jet hot or similar- best done on a new pipe if you want to go that way..

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    My GSA/Chrome:)

    With 88000m now the chrome pipes are still blue FREE, no blueing at all. Many may still do it, not mine. My GSA has seen many hard offorad miles too and the pipes have taken a great deal of abuse and held up really swell. I use "NeverDull" on'em about twice a year(stinks), but burns off quickly. All my older beemers had blue pipes, just not this one. '07GSA1200. Randy

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    My 12 R1200R has chrome head pipes and cat. Stainless muffler with a chrome hanger. Looks good to me. I can clean the stainless if I want.

    Blue starts at the ports and goes almost to the cross over. I think its the sign of a classy bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    You won't get the shiney chrome look of a double wall pipe on a BMW.
    Unless you own an R1200C -- the only double-wall piped BMW of which I am aware.

    Why are the R12C head pipes double-walled? As I understand it, because BMW's marketing surveys side cruiser riders wouldn't buy a bike whose chrome pipes didn't stay "chrome"!
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    I'm one of the lucky guys with a 2010 R1200RT with gold stainless steel header pipes. They turned gold colored on my way home from the dealer. My friend purchased another RT at the same time and we rode together on our way home (about a 400 mile ride) and his pipes are brown.

    Not sure why two identical bikes riding the same roads at the same speeds would have one with golden colored pipes and the other with brown colored pipes. He even had the dealer check the fuel ratios but all was normal.

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