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Thread: How many helmets do you own?

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    4 currently

    1 - Canadian Tire Ranger Snowmobile with a liner that falls out

    1 - CKX Modular (Now converted with double shield and breath guard to replace CTC snowmobile)

    1 - Shuberth C3 which is my favorite for trips

    1 - Chinese no name brand modular I got off flea bay for $10. Use it daily but plan to replace in the spring.

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    Two, a silver Nolan N100E, that was a birthday present from my wife back in 2007, and a white Schuberth C3 that I got right after the first of this year. The Nolan is very nice for an inexpensive helmet.
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    One head= one helmet

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    I am impressed with the replies. It seems that almost everyone has a primary and a back up helmet. Beyond that, the helmets take on specific functions, or are left over from rides gone by.

    The answer to my own question is two:
    1) a black Shoei RF 1100, that fits well, vents well and is set up with a helmet camera mount. It matches the paint on both by bikes: '74 R90/6 and '01 R1150GS.
    2) My newer helmet is a light silver Nolan N104 that I bought in Sedalia this past summer. It matches the aluminum on my bikes. I like the full face feature and low noise level.
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    I currently have 5 in the house. 2 are my wife's the other three are mine. I did just orde r a kbc ff from Motorcycle Superstore that should be here Monday. At 79.99 i couldn t resist. Helmets are kinda of like guitars for me. If my wife found out how many i had it any given moment there would be hell to pay.

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    Helmet Count

    Quote Originally Posted by rut3556 View Post
    I have way too many obsolete helmets hanging around. One of these days I'm going to use them for target practice!
    Here in the midwest, we store the old helmets in the basement for use when the tornado sirens come on.
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