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Thread: How many helmets do you own?

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    How many helmets do you own?

    How many helmets do you own and why? I am thinking about getting a third helmet and would like a reality check for owning three helmets.
    "Its never too late to do a bad job." Goethe

    '74 R90/6
    '01 R1150GS

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    I have bought 8 helmets since 1970. I still have all but one of them. My first helmet (a stars & stripes) was stolen from my bike in high school.
    Dave Selvig
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  3. 11-02-2012, 09:12 PM

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    Two in active use. An Arai full face and a Shoei modular.
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    HJC, SHOEI, & NOLAN Will be buying a new modular before 2013 Bike Week.
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    Mine,wife's, kid's, other kid's, stepson's, and an old one that saved my grey matter 7 years ago. Gave away or trashed my older ones.
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    Bell Moto III 1979 vintage with old race stickers!
    Shoei RF900
    Shoei RF1100
    All the others are gone
    '02 R1150RT

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    Most of these are his and her pairs:

    2 Schuberth Concepts (retired)
    2 C2's, used occasionally
    2 C3's used almost daily
    2 Nolan N102's (retired)
    2 Caberg Justissmo's (retired)
    Shoei TZ-1 (my first helmet, not a modular, will use if needed)
    Modular Shoei (unknown model, not currently used, its the spouses)
    Fox dirt bike helmet, with a girly design, only used when I'm playing in the dirt
    Too damn many bikes to list

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    I currently have 4 in the house.
    One is a pink paisley Speed and Strength. It belongs to the wifey.
    I have a Nolan N-104 i wear dailey.
    I have a Bell Arrow I wear if the 104 Ncom is charging.
    I have a Fox dirtbike helmet that is used in the dirt or when on the 4 wheeler.
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    I currently have 5 in the house. 2 are my wife's the other three are mine. I did just orde r a kbc ff from Motorcycle Superstore that should be here Monday. At 79.99 i couldn t resist. Helmets are kinda of like guitars for me. If my wife found out how many i had it any given moment there would be hell to pay.

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    Currently in inventory
    For bike
    Nolan 103 - noisy POS with a nice latch
    Shoei Neotec - replacing above
    Shoei RF 1000- 2, my preferred full face for bikes

    Bike helmets equipped with Scala bluetooth sets...

    4 helmets for track use in cars, with and without vent hookups, plus a 3/4 helmet. Mostly Bell with an HJC.

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    I tried on a System 6 a few weeks ago, and quite like it, but I'm intrigued by the new HJC RPHA Max.

    Anyone have this?

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    6. 2 bell, 2 nondescript half helmets, a Nolan and a shoei. Looking for another Nolan.
    R75/6, Non functioning 2014 FJR1300A

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    Jack Herbst
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    Quote Originally Posted by 76914 View Post
    How many helmets do you own and why? I am thinking about getting a third helmet and would like a reality check for owning three helmets.
    21 that I still have. Why I don't know. Lined up in my hanger and home. Good for reminising those past rides I would guess.

    "All my life I wanted to be somebody. Now I realize I should have been more specific."

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    Five lined up on the garage shelf: my current helmet, the damaged Shoei that saved my life last year (to remind me that I'm not invincible anymore), two older helmets that don't match my current bike, but I keep them as spares or loaners, and one failed experiment with a cheap modular that won't stay open.
    At the tender age of five, a bear told me that only I could prevent forest fires. Why I was chosen, I'll never know.

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