This is the second time in probably a month and a half that I've gotten on my bike and went to adjust the windscreen up and it wouldn't budge. There haven't been any indications that something is broken and the screen has worked previously in the day before not working. Both times the windscreen has been in the full down position.

The first time it happened I was riding along, adjusted my screen down and then maybe 5 minutes later tried to adjust it up and it wouldn't move. About 10 minutes after that it worked fine and has up until 30 minutes ago.

This time, I adjusted it down and parked it shortly there after for about 30 minutes. I got back on the bike and the screen wouldn't budge for my whole ride back to work which was about 20 minutes.

Has anyone had these issues or are you able to suggest what might be the issue. I'm sure if I take to the dealer, it'll work by the time they get to look at it.