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Thread: I'm Surprised -- Any Hexhead/Camhead (RTs for sure)

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    I'm Surprised -- Any Hexhead/Camhead (RTs for sure)

    I owned my 2008 R1200RT (Hexhead) for a couple years but never changed transmission oil.

    Service schedule for my 2012 R1200RT (Camhead) says to change it at 6000 miles so I just did.

    I was VERY SURPRISED to find the magnetic element for catching miscellaneous metallic swarf on the fill plug rather than the drain plug.

    No, they weren't reversed, as the thread sizes are different. Fill plug is removed/refitted using inhex (allen) wrench (the standard 8mm) and the drain plug is a 19mm hex--no surprises here. Two different size crush washers too, but the lifetime supply I purchased in Airhead days includes what I needed.

    Yes, there were some metallic "shavings" on the magnet but don't we usually assume this stuff doesn't float? And I guess I'll know I"m doing my transmission good leaning a lot through right curves. First I've seen this.

    So, is this normal fitment for hexhead/camhead transmissions?
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    My 2009 has a magnet on the fill too.
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    2009 RT. I was confused by this, I didn't notice until after filling, thought I was going to have to drain again until remembering which tool I had used for which plug. I checked Max's Microfiche to be sure.

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    Metallic debris does indeed move to the surface in churned lubes- as well as having larger chunks settle.
    Obviously stuff not large enough to settle is more likely to be recycled into a bearing surface- probably the reason for the magnet.
    Can't hurt..

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