So I'm lying on the garage floor watching a gallon of 20W-50 drain from my RT. I've always poured the used stuff into the jug from the new stuff and after I get a few gallons saved up from the RT and two cars, I dutifully take it to the town oil recycling day. They burn it to heat the Highway Dept garage. So I'm thinking "why can't I burn it in my home oilburner?" Home heating oil is No.2 and is actually called "red-dyed Diesel" on the invoice. (red-dyed so you can't use it in your car or truck and avoid the highway taxes, I presume)

If I add a gallon or two of used motor oil to 200 gallons of heating oil what will happen? Will hell freeze over in addition to my house? Will I be adding more pollutants to the atmosphere? Will the environmental police confiscate my oil tank and make me switch to natural gas (not an option)?

Just wondering...