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Thread: Tire sizing for an R100S

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    Tire sizing for an R100S

    Okay.. it's that time again.. Puma needs some new kicks!

    But after seeing BoxerBolshie's tire setup,

    I think I'm going to do the enduro route too since I seem to find myself traversing mtn fire roads a lot... (and I think they'd look cool as hell on an "S") But of course there's the sizing issues..

    Now the Shinko 705's (the tires in question - for the rear they are available in 4.10-18 tubed type. I'm assuming that will fit no problem on the back wheel.

    For the front however, they don't have inch sizing.... but it seems the general consensus is that 100/90-19 is the metric equivalent for the front, with a 90/90-19 fitting as well (but someone mentioned that the 90/90 size wasn't optimal for a 1000cc bike....?) The closest size Shinko makes for the front is 110/80-19....

    I reached out to Boxerbolshie and he said the tires fit his bike with no mods needed- I'm assuming his bike (mid 80's R65) has the same size wheels as a '77 R100S....

    So long story short: That back tire will fit no prob.... right?
    And if I go with the 110/80-19 for the front- anyone seeing any issues? Or am I gonna die?!!! Haha
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    Watch the width on the rear tire. If it is too wide, it becomes a pita to get the wheel back installed. Do you have a drum or disc brake in the back?

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    If "they don't have inch sizing" they don't make tires for Airheads.

    Find a brand that does.
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    It's got the drum brake, so hopefully there shouldn't be too much of an issue.....

    But ordered the tires today... both on sale in the $45 dollar range...

    I hope they fit!!

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    Where did you find tires for $45? And what brand are they?
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    My Metzeler Full Line Catalog says 90/90-19 is correct fit for the front. That is their tire - the Lasertec. What does Shinko say.
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