YES, I have searched every forum I can find, nothing comes up with this specific HELP!!

This is an F650GS with 35K on the clock and well maintained but ridden like it should be, hard!

Main Issue: Overfilled oil by 500ml, (half-Quart or so) ran about 100 miles before she began to fail; Symptoms are-stalling, needing 1/2 throttle to start (was a very easy starter before), tons of oil in air-box, crank case breather tube spurts oil, not a mist or vapor, wet ugly oil, when engine turns over before it catches and at shut down. When shutting down, the breather hose makes a wheezing sounds as the air pressure fades and oil stops. Does not happen any other time, only when engine is turning over or running, however, when running the breather tube expels only a fine vapor, nothing wet.

Immediate corrective actions: changed out oil and filter, DOUBLE checking the quantity going back in. Checked plugs=100% good, new. Air-box cleaned and filter replaced, cleaned up oozing oil spillage. RESET the BMS-K using standard method: battery disconnect, BMS-K disconnect for 30+ minutes, reconnect BMS-K, reconnect battery, turned on key and rotated throttle twice to full open and back-slowly, turned OFF key, then back on and started bike, let warm till fan came on, shut, starting problem 50% fixed, starts fine when warm, needs some throttle when cold.

Problem(s) Now; The bike is losing oil! Oil is blowing through the crack-case vent tube (I re-routed the vent hose to bash-plate so the air-box stays dry till I figure this out). Bike is Loosing about 500ML in 100miles or so, not exact and depends on speed or starting. WHEN engine turns over, oil spurts out hose NOT mist, this is a WET oil spray, when engine catches, it changes to what I figure is the normal vapor. Another note, when engine turns over before starting a light colored vapor comes out of the tube with the oil and smells slightly burnt!~ NOTHING and I mean NOTHING from the tail pipe ever! No blue smoke, nothing during warm up but vapor from temperature differences between hot exhaust and ambient temp. This is not a case of burned rings or bad top end.

I will repeat the symptom for those still thinking this might be a piston-ring issues...

Oil, sprays out of crank-case vent tube when engine is turning over before catching and if it stalls, or when shut down, along with the oil spray, I am loosing volume in the oil tank at about 500ML per 100 miles (about). A slightly bluish vapor escapes with the oil from the tube, enough to hang in the air, smells slightly burn and NOTHING coming from the tail pipe, meaning bike runs good at speed and smoke free at idle or revving engine.

If anyone has experience with overfilling their F650's with oil and experiencing a continuous loss of oil through the crack-case breather tube, please please let me know what you have found!