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Thread: New K1600GTL owner

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    GTL 1600

    New K1600GTL owner

    New to BMW - just bought my first BMW

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    GTL 1600


    make that a K1600

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    Welcome to the forum! Nice ride!! Where do you think you'll be riding it to?? can edit the title by clicking on the Edit button in the lower right, then selecting the Go Advance option. That will let you change the title.

    Edit: I went ahead and changed the thread title.
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    Congrats on a great bike. (Love mine)

    Lots of good info at too!

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    GTL 1600


    Already going in for my 600 mile service - the big is so nice to ride a real blast
    Traded in a 2011 RC and there is no comparison !

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    GTL1600; you charge in with "6 firing" ... how long did it take for that decision!
    You'll enjoy the MOA, from the singles to yours; we enjoy the club.
    Hey, what was the "RC" you rode?
    Have you been to our rallys?
    travel'in john

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    GTL 1600
    No Rallys yet - will be doing that soon. The RC was a Silver classic - with stage 2 kit pipes cams etc. was still a slow - just made more noise. now some else can deal with the clicking rocker noises warped rotors and cruise light stuck on. The GTL was like moving from a Cessna 150 to Citation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTL1600 View Post
    New to BMW - just bought my first BMW
    What did you ride before this fine purchase?
    Surely you are an experienced motorcycle rider to step up to that powerhouse.
    I have given the 1600s an eye. BEAUTIFUL.
    Jeff Anderson
    I ride a 2008 R1200RT

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