I thought my new-to-me '98 R1100R was cured of its running problems. Now it starts up and runs like crud for about 5 minutes and then runs great. Once it has run for about 3 miles it has good power, it's smooth, has nice throttle response, and drops back to idle well at stops.
When first started cold it lurches, balks, won't idle well, and has poor throttle response etc.
It has just had the valves adjusted etc. at a dealer (6000 mile adjustment, new plugs) It has been run little in the past year+ and only 47 miles this summer until I bought it. I have put on 200 miles with gas treatment three times (injector cleaner, seafoam, techron) in proper proportion and gas added three times (High Test) with the tank full now. Bike has 6,475 mi.
Help. What should I do next? Winter is getting close here.