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Thread: I need volunteers!!!

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    Talking I need volunteers!!!

    Hello fellow Rally Rats!

    In case you don't know, I'm chairman once again of the Rally Communications Committe and I need volunteers! Here's a summary of what we do: we man THE official rally emergency phone number (the one you're supposed to leave with your wife, kids, etc., etc.), we are the lost and found office (you wouldn't believe the stuff that people loose), we are responsible for the daily dispostion of the two-way radios used by rally staff (to the tune of about 50 grand), we are the HELP people (answering questions, giving directioins) we assisit in locating rally staff and grounds personnel for others. Guys,'s a an action packed job with few dull moments with volunteers typically working a four hour shift during office hours (8am-8pm). Most years volunteers work two shifts during the course of the rally but tha's not required. Despite the offical rally opening day, this office needs to be staffed begining Tuesday (so for those of you who like to come early this will allow you to legally do so). Remember, the entire rally is the result of the work of regular MOA members who volunteer! Join me in our Air conditioned office (I can't wait). For aditional information email me direct at Thanks, and see you at the rally. Bob Woofter

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    I'm In

    was planning on getting there late Wed (7:00pm'ish) and camping. Would be glad to give you two four hour shifts. Let me know?

    Dr. Raoul Duke
    AKA Jim Kelleher

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    Bob, put me down for two. Should be there tues afternoon. Where do I find you?

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    How early can the volunteers arrive to campout?:confused.I was planning on arriving sometime on Monday.

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    Rally volunteers who wish to camp before Wednesday can go to either the Northgate or Magic Island sites.

    The University opens Wednesday for volunteers and Thursday for the rally.

    If you do a search on the topic you will see this has been discussed extensively by the rally chairs.

    Rob Nye
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    MJ in OH


    Bob, was looking for your post to volunteer first thing Thurs morning, but now I find I can't park my Kwik Kamp at the U of C. I am so livid, am seriously thinking of not going to the rally, although I have been looking forward to it since last year. I was just down there 2 wks ago, while they were having a car show with 4 wheeled vehicles all over the grass, so I wasn't concerned about my little bed which can be pushed all over the place.
    Sorry, just venting, I am almost in tears, I am so upset that this was not addressed earlier. If I do decide to come, I would be more than willing to give you early Thurs morn if that would be ok?

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    placed 3 different posts AND e-mailed Bob directly offering to volunteering starting like 3 weeks ago. STILL waiting for ANYBODY from BMW MOA to get back to me. Pretty much made up my mind for me about next year. Hello BMW RA. There is just no acceptable excuse for this kind of rudeness


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