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Thread: Need Advice on how to proceed with an oil consumption problem with my BMW.

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    Thumbs down Need Advice on how to proceed with an oil consumption problem with my BMW.

    This is going to be long, Make a sandwich and a cup of coffee. BTW this story doesn't have a happy ending so far.

    I need advice I might be melodramatic here and if so let me know, I'll drop it. The problem is I am running into an oil consumption problem on my bike and have been since new, with no help from the Dealership or from BMW for that matter.

    Background story.

    In June of 2010 I bought my first ever BMW motorcycle due to the reviews being so super rad about how durable these bikes are. I bought a 2010 r1200 GSA after falling in love with it during the test ride. I was told that it would burn oil for the first few thousand miles until the bike broke in. Sometime in July of 2011 at 20,000 miles (roughly) I went to the dealer and told them my bike is still burning oil. I'm told the bike probably isn't broke in yet and that I should just wait it out.

    In between 20k and 30k I mention to the dealership my bike is still consuming oil and I hear the same excuse. It's not broke in yet.

    In October of 2011 the bike hits 30,000 miles and again I bring it up to the dealership that the bike is burning oil at quite an accelerated rate. The dealer asks me how much and I respond with a qt in about 1000 to 1500 miles depending on how I ride it. Again I'm told that it's because the bike isn't broken in.

    I start to get worried, So for the first time in my life I purchase an extended warranty through my dealer to cover my bike, unlimited miles for 5 years. At 42K I go back to the dealer knowing I am out of the warranty and explain my concern. I'm burning oil, have been since day one, and numerous times I have brought it to their attention with no plans for action from them.

    They offer to troubleshoot the cause of the consumption but they first need to know the rate of consumption and IF it burns more than BMW's allowed rate of oil consumption (1qt every 700miles). They would charge me to tear the motor apart (diagnostics) and then the extended warranty I bought would cover the repair.

    The consumption test. We fill the oil to the middle of the sight bubble and run the bike until it needs filled (light comes on). Then we fill it to the middle again record how much oil was added and how many miles the bike went.

    Everyone I have talked to with the same model of Bike as me has reported that their bikes burned oil when new then just quit burning between 10k - 22k miles. They go between oil changes without having to add any oil. My rate of consumption is between 10 and 13 oz every 1000 miles. Roughly Half of what BMW claims to be "Excessive Use." This means that in 6,000 miles I have to add on average 3 qts of oil between oil changes. If I go on a 3,000 mile trip I need to bring with me 1.5 qts of oil not to mention the frustration and cursing that goes on when/if one of those plastic bottles develop a leak and leaks oil all over my gear.

    FYI- BMW's excessive use for oil according to the manufacturer is 1qt in 700miles.

    I feel that I shouldn't have to cover the cost of the diagnostics since this is an issue I have brought up with my dealer repeatedly since day one. Finally frustrated that I spent $22k on a bike and I'm getting nowhere with the dealer I contact BMW North America to see where that gets me.

    On 10-3-2012 I sent an email to BMW NA explaining my issue. On 10-8-2012 I receive an email that it has been forwarded to the proper person. On 10-19-12 I call the person that the email was forwarded to because I hadn't heard a response from them. Today 10-31-12 I finally got connected to someone who could help, or so I thought.

    Max at BMW NA calls the dealer. He asks if my bike is running fine. The dealer says it is and the case is closed. He says he can file a complaint on my behalf if I want. (Yes max file a complaint on my behalf since my bike burns through 1/2 a qt every 700 miles (on Average)).

    So here I am reflecting on why I purchased a BMW motorcycle in the first place. I've owned a lot of Hondas, a Suzuki, and a Harley (We were all dumb once). But never have I owned a motorcycle nor a car for that matter that burned through so much oil (even in my college days ). When I get to the point of getting another bike this has seriously left me not wanting to spend the money to keep going BMW. Will probably switch to KTM, KLR, or something that won't burn as much oil. This has seriously left a black mark on the name for BMW for me.

    Is it common for these bikes to burn through this much oil? Granted this bike hasn't left me stranded anywhere but with this rate of oil consumption it really has me worried that something major could be wrong in there and any day now it'll go kaput.

    Maintenance History
    I followed all of the BMW maintenance guidelines from break-in to service intervals (religiously).
    I've used the BMW stuff, purchased at the dealership, in case I had a warranty issues for every interval.
    Anything above my mechanical know how I paid the dealership to do, on time.
    I have receipts and detailed records of everything (including replacing the headlight bulb every 10 - 13k (seriously it is in my records)).
    I'm using the regular old dino oil I haven't even switched to the synthetic yet.

    Finally anyone have any advice they can offer? Any point of contacts to get this resolved? Even if it is just telling me to suck it up and keep spending the money for oil I have thick skin. I would just like some feedback and maybe any ideas from anyone who has gone through this or possibly has an idea I haven't thought of yet.

    Thanks for the read!
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