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Thread: Any K Bike Owners have a Guzzi also in the garage?

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    Any K Bike Owners have a Guzzi also in the garage?

    Just wondering if any of my K Biker Brothers and Sisters out there (who of course would not part with their Ks ) also own a Moto Guzzi? If there are any dual ownerships of the two out there I would enjoy hearing about the comparisons.

    Please forgive me if I am posting this in an inappropriate location on this forum
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    Once you get farther up the BMW timeline than the
    k75, the gap between a K and a Guzzi is about an ocean wide.
    Other than shaft drive what is there to compare? Very different beasts, each with its own fan club.
    It is nice to see the raft of newer Guzzis from the relaxed "Racer" to the newer 8 valve motors in the bigger ones the put them in striking range to the boxers power output. If ever ever decide to buy a retro bike some of the Guzzi stuff would be on the possibles list with Triumph twins, etc..

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    I've only ever had Beemers (R-bikes and K-bikes) but have always felt a kinship with Moto Guzzis. If I could afford a nice-running LeMans 850 I'd add one to my garage, no problem.

    Good question and I hope it doesn't get bumped---Ciao, arrivaderci!

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    Scroll down to my post #8 in this thread.

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    Funny you should ask . . .

    I'm relatively new to motorcycling (long story); I bought my first in September 2011. I've bought and sold several since then, trying to decide what I like. I happen to love my 2003 Moto Guzzi California EV Touring, but I also love my 1994 K75, and I'm not sure I can explain why, since they are so different.

    I bought the K75 from a bona fide Harley guy, who had purchased it from the original owner, a friend of his, who is a bona fide BMW guy; somehow the BMW guy badgered the Harley guy into buying the K75 so that he could "find out what a real bike is like". I was surprised at that: it seems to me that there are Harley guys, and there are BMW guys, and I wouldn't expect a Harley guy to like BMWs, or vice versa. So, why would the Harley guy let himself get talked into such a purchase? I don't know. It worked out for me, though: both owners had taken good care of the K75, and I feel I got a real deal on it (and that may be due in part to my buying it from the Harley guy, who had ridden it so little, and didn't expect to ride it much, and finally decided that he didn't really care for it after all, and besides he needed the room in his garage for the panhead project bike that he should have waited to buy until after he'd unloaded the K).

    The owner of a local bike shop, with whom I am on good terms, once asked me: "No offense, but did you ever consider getting a bike you can easily get parts and service for?" (He meant: not a Moto Guzzi or a BMW. And the nearest dealer for either marque is about 2 hours from me.) My reply: if you buy a house, or a car, or a major appliance, etc., it will be a purchase driven by logic, as much as possible (some cars excepted). But a motorcycle is a purchase driven by passion (with some logic, granted). And I agree it is not logical for me, living where I do, to own either an MG or a BMW. But I REALLY like both.

    So I guess I'm sort of like Jekyll and Hyde, in that my 2 bikes are so different from each other, and I wouldn't expect both to appeal to one person, but they do to me.

    But I can't imagine badgering someone into trying to agree with me, on either score. Whatever floats your boat is the way to go, as I see it.

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    I've had two K-bikes and two Guzzis. They are all gone now and were nothing alike. I now have a 1991 R100RT and a 2012 G650GS. If the right deal came along, I would not mind having another Guzzi.
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    My next bike could easily be a Norge. I've heard good thing about them and the owners seem loyal.

    If I ran across a well cared for SP I wouldn't throw it out.
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    When I see the Norge, I see a newer, sexier version of my R1150RT. Now that they've actually fixed some of the problems, I could see owning one. Only downside, I love my telelever front suspension.

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