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Thread: Progressive International MC shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by john1691 View Post
    Looking forward to the NYC show, hoping the F800GT will be there. I went from a K1200RS to a K1200S to my current K1200GT and am thinking the lighter more nimble F800 would be more fun. My wife thought the more comfortable K12GT would help her ride more, but it turns out she just doesn't like to ride. Now I have a heavy GT..... Could be worse, I might have bought the K16 and had a payment to deal with!

    Yeah, I went through something similar. My wife said she'd never ride on a GSA. Well, she hasn't ridden much on the RT. If I get another BMW, it will be a GSA.
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    I forget which topic I posted under, but....the Water Boxer GS was at the ATL show which was number one show of the season. The US distributor guy that I talked to was a really nice guy but had exactly no info on the bike, nor any brochures. Or any helpful info of any sort.

    Bike looked very, very interesting. I resisted the temptation to make some cracks about fuel strips, etc. Actually I did make a stab at a funny about the strips. I'll give that ole' TN boy credit: unlike me in my corporate life, he stuck to his script without the slightest hesitation.

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