I don't see why we don't just increase the amount of hunting permits and thin the herd. There has been an explosion of the deer population in the last 20 years.
Here is what Jeremy Hurst (Big Game Biologist for the NYS DEC) said: "Based on State Farm? data, NY ranks #3 for total number of deer-vehicle collisions, but once the number of licensed drivers is factored in, NY ranks #23 for likelihood of an individual having a deer-vehicle collision. These data from State Farm? give us a general picture of the trends of deer-vehicle collisions in the state....These data are not useful for making deer management decisions at the wildlife management unit scale. Rather, they simply illustrate the scope of impact that deer populations have on NY drivers."

We asked them for deer impacts by county, but they claim they don't keep this information. Right now, we are trying to get it from the DMV. I think the county stats would tell a much different story.

He then states: "Interestingly, every year I talk to hunters who seem convinced that NY deer management is run by the auto insurance industry. Yet, I can definitively say that DEC staff make decisions about deer management without influence from auto insurers. In fact, in the years I've been part of the deer program and working with our regional biologists to set antlerless harvest quotas, I have not once been contacted by an auto insurance representative. "

I find his comments not in line with local hunters. Most local hunters get their deer on the first day of hunting season. They believe that the doe population needs to be thinned drastically. It is only the hunters from NYC and NJ who want high deer populations. I am sure that Mr. Hurst knows this. Locals complain constantly about the excessively large deer population.