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No kidding. But we just had a cold front come in. It got down into the 40s the last couple of nights and has barely hit the mid 60s by noon. This is January weather for around here. Since it will be a lot warmer in the next few days, I've been doing "projects" around the place. I need a break from "projects" so wax philosophical on the keyboard from time to time.

I did need to fix a tire on my dirt bike - pesky thorn let the air out of the tube. That was one of the "projects". I also needed to fix the damper in the fireplace chimney after a stray cat fell down the chimney. Don't ask .... we have no idea.?
Here's my "dead cat" story: There was this guy(~1977) that worked in the tech schools as myself & known to be a serious moocher, what with always wanting his car fixed for as close to free as humanly possible. So he sets us up to work on his exhaust on his surplus telephone company PU truck. We bring in a roadkill cat that's no longer "juicy" but sort of pliable. We tell him we have a "muffler" that will stick on there for free! The muffler is a 20# freon can and we weld it up under the truck and wire the cat to the "muffler" thinking it will be obnoxiously loud & of course as the cat cooks some stink too. The guy gets in and that Dodge truck purrs like a kitten-actually sounded real good. We did accomplish the stink part fairly well after he left.
Sad to say,I did crank one in my truck fan blade one winter...
The SS storm cap blew off our LR stove chimney when the tornado passed by us this March-not to be found.
As the New Madrid Fault is mentioned: I was on a ladder a few days ago when an earthquake rumbled through our place. We are used to the quarry 2 miles away shooting off @ noon but there was no sound this time and not noon. We are in the other end of KY from Madrid area so pretty scary! The epi center was south of us ~ 100k. Never know what Mother Nature has in store.
Lineman is one of the most hazardous jobs of all! And much more so in the Sandy area!