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Thread: BMW Tourshell VS. Klim Latitude...

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    I never have been able to tolerate more than a modest amount of advertising on my clothing.

    However I could get over it,maybe

    This is an interesting thread for me as I'm now deciding on a jacket or even a jacket pants combo

    Klim ,BMW , Aerostich, all have my attention and I've read good reviews on all three

    I've been focused on textile and waterproof along with comfort.

    But then there is the Aerostich Transit that gets good reviews but I haven't read much from forum members about it
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    Well, I bought a Klim Badlands... 10% off Black Friday sale! Very nicely put together jacket, the D30 armor & pocket for a drink bladder did it for me...

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    I just tried on the latitude and found it not stiff at all. This thread is 2 years old so they may have improved the jacket some. Anyway, I really like it. I have the Darian light now that I never cared for. Now, where can I get the best price?

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    Thumbs up Latitude changes

    They changed the weight/stiffness of the jacket because of feedback from customers. They are good that way. They made some other improvements, too, like a nice way to have the jacket open at the collar without turning it inside out like on mine.

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    Considering a Klim

    My Rallye suit jacket was $ 800 + it is very hard to clean in the non black colors it has a $ 10 zipper which broke after 2 yrs or so my Bmw Tourance coat $ 450 the zipper lasted 4 months yes they fixed it sent it out for repair to I don`t know where for 3 months,I had to buy a cheap winter coat to wear in the meantime zipper is now riding open again,I had one of my luggage lost and my Rallye outer sleeves and winter liners were gone and Bmw doesn`t have replacements and now my local dealer only carries about half of the clothing the old dealer did so trying on and deciding on an item is not an option I believe Klim has a life time guarantee I don`t know if their liners are replaceable but I`m considering the badlands and will research ,Bmw is out for me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstrube View Post
    Yeah, I know, they are different jackets.
    But, I am riding a Darien now & it is too big for me, so want to get another waterproof jacket, but one with armor that stays better in place, is more modern, etc... I like it, but I don't LOVE it.
    So, I went to the local dealer to see if they had a Latitude. No, they had the $899 Badlands, but I am in the $550 range here... I liked the fit of the Badlands, then Dirk had me try the Tourshell on. I liked the fit quite a bit, but noticed the lack of exterior pockets. The back protector rode up a bit to my neck while on the bike, but I've read other reviews where they trimmed it a bit. I really liked the neck closure on it, and quality seemed top notch.
    Anybody try both? Have one & love it, have one & hate it?
    FYI, I use a heated liner, so the jacket lining is not a big deal to me, but I want waterproof, windproof & also the ability to let it breathe in summer.
    I'm in California, a Darien with the heater is always warm enough.
    I had the Latitude for an Alaska trip in 2012. The one I had was the 840 denier nylon first gen. It felt a bit heavy and long. I had to open the zipper at the bottom so it would not ride up. I normally wear a size 42 off the rack jacket. The medium fits like a 42 but would be too tight with a heated liner under it or sweater so I went with the large.

    As far as quality goes it was tops. NEVER leaked. We rode through heavy jungle type rains and cold down to wet snow and I was always 100% dry and with the gerbings liner warm as toast.

    I ended up selling it because I found the Latitude to be a bit much for just riding around town or out on trails. I went with the Traverse jacket and pants and they both suit my riding well.

    I think the new Misano latitude line with it softer lower denier nylon would be a real improvement.

    Before I bought the Klim we went down to Duluth and tried on a bunch of the aerostitch stuff. It is also top quality. To me their stuff just felt too stiff and would need more time to break in than I had before my trip, so I passed. It would be worth consideration just for their made in the USA and a rock solid customer satisfaction record. Klim is a US company but the product is made in China.
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    I bought the Tourshell jacket and pants last fall. love the fit of both the jacket and pants, but the zipper on the jacket ---as noted in a prior comment--is too small. Even when being very careful zipping up I can have a problem if I've not gotten the bottom of the zipper properly seated. The lack of more pockets on the jacket is not a big problem for me.

    What sold me on the Tourshell combo was the fit and the padding. The jacket may not have enough ventilation for summer riding, but I'm wearing a vented jacket then.

    Overall I'm pleased with the Tourshell jacket and pants.

    Steve W
    Holland, MI

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    I just got the Klim Overland jacket and pants. Very nice set and under $750 IIRC. Completely waterproof. I talked with an inmate on ADVRider with the Overlands and he couldn't stop raving about them.

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