Hi John,
I ride an RT, and managed a cross Canada / US trip this summer with the Badlands. Here's my thoughts.

On the plus side, I think the Klim is well made, well thought out. I feel very secure in it. It has good form fitting soft D3o armour, which is comfortable, including a nice back protector and a chest protector. The kidney belt sold it for me, as it provides a lot of support for long rides, and really does relieve some of the weight of the jacket. I don't mind the collar, but I do ride with the left side flap fixed open. Pants are comfy if a bit loose fitting around the calve/boot. I rode in all manner of weather, and with synthetics and vents open, there's great airflow for 90degree asphalt melting days ( Chicago), or 32 degree night riding ( crows nest pass). Pockets work great. Lots of good reflectivity. Goretex let's you forego the internal rain liner junk.. So no stopping when it starts raining. A big plus.

The nigly bits. I found the hook and loop fastener chews up the grey material a bit around the chest area. The internal Velcro on the kidney belt chews up my synthetic riding shirt a bit. The Velcro on the arm tightness adjustment stopped working on one side, too short. So need to be careful with washing machines etc.. Finally, side vent zippers are hard to reach when riding.. Just awkward to use.

That's it. I found with goretex stuff, and merino base layers etc, the amount of gear I need to take with me now has been reduced to a backpack, .. A major simplification of my travelling caravan..

Hope this helps.
Also recommended, the Klim Element gloves, Daytona goretex boots , smart wool base layers, tide laundry packets for sink laundry