Yeah, I know, they are different jackets.

But, I am riding a Darien now & it is too big for me, so want to get another waterproof jacket, but one with armor that stays better in place, is more modern, etc... I like it, but I don't LOVE it.

So, I went to the local dealer to see if they had a Latitude. No, they had the $899 Badlands, but I am in the $550 range here... I liked the fit of the Badlands, then Dirk had me try the Tourshell on. I liked the fit quite a bit, but noticed the lack of exterior pockets. The back protector rode up a bit to my neck while on the bike, but I've read other reviews where they trimmed it a bit. I really liked the neck closure on it, and quality seemed top notch.


Anybody try both? Have one & love it, have one & hate it?

FYI, I use a heated liner, so the jacket lining is not a big deal to me, but I want waterproof, windproof & also the ability to let it breathe in summer.

I'm in California, a Darien with the heater is always warm enough.

I ride an RT, I don't want to get caught up that one is an "adventure" jacket & one a "touring", I just want to spend my money the best I can.