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Thread: Show me your R1100RS GPS mount setup please

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    Show me your R1100RS GPS mount setup please

    Guys and Gals:

    I am going to Phoenix in mid February on vacation to see a good friend.Who happens to own a '94 RS. The 10 days I am there the bike is going to my mode of gettin' around!!!

    I intend on taking the Garmin with to help with the navi duties in a strange city. I figured I would buy Steve a ram mount ball or some sort and a USB outlet to power any thing he would use on the bike for phone/Navi.

    What did you guys use for a setup on your bikes??? I have a 11RT with a ram setup on the dash shelf AND a 11GS with a ram ball that has a U bolt to wrap around the bars to hold the Garmin on that bike.

    The RS is a different beast altogether for that type of mounting....Any ideas please???

    Perry Brokaw
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    Have an RKA 19.5 Liter SuperSport (expands) from about 3 years ago that I started with (see image at RKA site at - the blue bag on the blue 2003 R1150RS.

    Then got prototype from Rick Battles at RKA which has a metal plate to back the top cover and he then fab'd a mounting plate that swivels (up / down) and mounted Garmin nuvi 1450.

    It is close by and out of sight line for normal riding - then an easy, quick glance down and it is in focus with my gradient bifocals.

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    I'd think the easiest temporary solution, particularly if you already have RAM hardware, would be the RAM ball that fits into a handlebar bolt, like this one:
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    This won't help

    Since you asked, and the bike matches quite well, I'm replying with what I did.
    I seriously doubt he'll want you drilling holes in his bike but here you go.
    Mike Marr
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