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Thread: Tightening the bolts on a fuel tank

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    Tightening the bolts on a fuel tank

    Anybody know the torque value for tightening the bolts on the fuel tank for my 1969
    R50/2 US? If not, recommendations would be appreciated? Could not find the information in any of my books nor could I find it on the Vintage BMW club site?

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    Likely you're not going to find a torque spec...I don't recall one. Most times, these just need to be snugged up. The under-tank bolts go through a set of rubber isolation washers so the bolts need to compress the washers just a bit. The front bolt that holds the nose on should have a waverly washer under the nut so once the washer is compressed, you're probably done. Then you should check the bolts/nuts after your next ride or two...see if they're still tight or need to be retightened.

    If you really feel you need to know the torque, you can come at it from the standpoint of what is the size bolt and what torques are generally specified for that size bolt. In the Links and Reference section, there are some links to information about metric bolts which can be studied to decide on a reasonable torque value.

    In the end, I think these bolts just need to be snugged up...and then maybe a skoosh more!
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