So, I am offering up something I found and am sure that some here will tell me I am an idiot... But here goes.

I am a private pilot and am heavily involved with the care and maintenance of my airplane. To understand, generally folks plan on replacing airplane engines every 2000 to 2500 hours. At a cost of about $40,000. So every hour you fly you assume you have "consumed" about $20 worth of your engine. Anything we can go to get more hours out of them is a good thing.

In addition to routine maintenance, flying frequently has a major positive impact on engine life. Worst thing you can do for an aircraft (think air cooled, horizontally opposed, sound familiar?) engine is to park it for the entire winter.

Over the last few years a new product has emerged as helping with this issue of corrosion during times where there are significant delays between running. It was in fact designed exactly for this purpose. As a side benefit it also has wear reduction qualities in addition to anti corrosion.

This product is called Camguard, made by ASL. There are separate Aviation and Automotive (including motorcycle) versions.

Many aviation folks much smarter than me (google Mike Busch and Camguard) have done their own evaluations re Camguard and corrosion prevention. My experience is limited and yet for me pretty compelling. We do oil analysis as a routine part of the maintenance of the plane. The very first time we added Camguard to the oil, the lab noticed the reduction in the "Wear Metals" in the oil I believe the quote was "This engine is flat out wearing less"

I just got my R1200GSA, and almost immediately did an oil change and will be doing oil analysis. The sample I just sent off did not have Camguard in it and in fact I don't even know how many miles were on it, (other than the guy I bought i from said it was time). I will report back after my next change difference or not.

A Pint of Camguard will cost you about $25. You only need about a cup in the oil of an R1200.

I don't sell Camguard, I don't own part of Camguard or the manufacturer. I don't work for, or really even know anyone that falls into either of those categories... just my .02