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Thread: VBMWMO getting [re]organized!

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    VBMWMO getting [re]organized!

    A press release posted on the slash-5 board:


    P r e s s R e l e a s e
    Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners * 5 Alexander Road * Billerica, MA
    01821-5032 USA

    Wednesday June 1st 2005

    The Board of Trustees of the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners is pleased
    to announce the incorporation of the organization in the Commonwealth
    of Massachusetts as a Non-Profit Corporation. The Vintage BMW
    Motorcycle Owners, Inc., of Massachusetts, will serve the members and
    the BMW motorcycling community as it assumes the assets and operation
    of the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, Ltd., of NH (originally of WI).
    The latest issue of the official club publication, The Vintage BMW
    Bulletin, has just gone to press. The 30th annual start of the season
    event, Mayday Madness begins this Friday. Public Elections for Club
    President and Club Secretary/Treasurer will we held prior to the end
    of this calendar year for terms beginning January 1, 2006 through
    December 31, 2007. The first public meeting of the Board of Trustees
    will be held on Friday, June 3, 2005 at the Wadleigh Falls Campground
    in Lee, NH, at 5:00PM EDT. All members are invited to attend. Items on
    the agenda will include: Acceptance or rejection of the Bylaws as
    written; Appointment of Trustees to fill the two vacant positions;
    Establishment of preliminary CY 2005, 2006, 2007 budgets as required
    for filing; Acceptance and discussion of proposals for changes and
    additions to the Bylaws; Questions and answers to and from the
    membership; and any other business deemed appropriate by the Board at
    that time.

    Founded in 1972 by John Harper and Jeff Dean in WI, incorporated by
    Roland Slabon in NH for over 20 years, and incorporated in the
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts May 13th 2005, the Vintage BMW
    Motorcycle Owners is an association of persons dedicated to the
    preservation of Contemporary, Classic, Vintage, and Antique
    motorcycles developed, manufactured, marketed and/or sold by
    Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) as well as the furthering of
    knowledge regarding owning, operating, preserving, repairing,
    restoring, and studying BMW motorcycles, their history, design, and
    manufacture; operating exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other
    similar nonprofitable purposes
    Jeff Dean − BMW MOA Co-founder (1972)
    '17 R1200RT, '15 R1200RT, '67 R60/2, '69 R60US, '55 R67/3, '49 R24

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    This is good news. If/when the VBMWMO website becomes remotely useful, specifically when they fix the forum, I might be interested in joining.

    BTW nice job on the R1200 review, Jeff!
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