We got my son a bike a month or so ago, he is 17 and we started him on a small bike. A 75 Honda CB 200. It is a great little bike and a blast to ride around town. He can learn about maintaining a bike and get use to it before moving up to a bigger bike. The problem is my wife always want to go places where he can go which means we have to stay on back roads where the bike can keep up with traffic. Im ok with this except I never get to go riding alone any more. I am stuck on half hour and hour rides and have not turned a hundred miles in a trip in well over a month. If i speak up to say I am going riding they all get ready and want to go to, I get depressed and haven't even wanted to go anymore. Of course my garage is getting clean now. What to do, I tell my wife she don't understand that it is just not fun for me, I always lead which means I am always watching everything including mirrors and worrying about my ride and everyone else.