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Thread: A little venting, and a question....

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    Eight Bikes! What bikes do you have?
    Currently Insured
    1994 R1100RS
    1991 K75S
    2007 F800S
    2003 R1150R
    1994 K75
    2001 F650 Dakar
    2000 Yamaha TW200
    2003 Kawasaki KL 250

    Parked/Stored/Not Insured
    1995 K75RTP
    1966 R27
    1964 Honda CA160 (Baby Dream)

    Owned by me, ridden and insured by our son
    1995 K75

    Given to my former son-in-law and insured by him, but he never switched the title yet
    1987 K75S

    None of these is particularly expensive to insure, but I am sensitive to insurance rates. And I'm careful not to get tickets. I can only imagine what the total would be if an insurance company jacked the rates on these plus the cars because of tickets. That would warrant a big "ouch".
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    Here in NC, all our stuff: house, vehicles, some riders and some personal insurances, are with State Farm
    If I remember right, on the bikes it is 100/300/100 with 500 deductible comprehensive coverage. I forget which is which but with the 2003 BMW K1200RS and the 2003 Honda RC51 it is around 40/mo for one and 50/mo for the other.

    03 K 1200RS (Black is Best)
    03 Honda RC51
    74 Honda CB750 K4

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