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Thread: Hi from Houston

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    Hi from Houston

    New member here and new owner of a 07K1200GT. I have previously been caretaker of a F650GS and R90GS, so I have ridden a couple of BMWs in the past, but this K1200Gt, oh man what a ride. I was really impressed in the first 1/2 mile of the test ride, and came back with a big grin. My previous bike was a 2002 Triumph Trophy, nice bike when it ran, unfortunately it was just too troublesome, and compared to the KGT it handled like a station wagon.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Lots of great folks here.

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    Hi from Port Neches

    I am firmly in the boxer camp, but I really admired the K1200. It is a shame they discontinued it in favor of the 1600. But hey, they may resurrect them again if not enough folks can be tempted by the 1600's. They tried killing the boxers and that didn't work.
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