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Thread: Basic question '93 K75T

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    Basic question '93 K75T

    Going to look at a K75 tomorrow and have been reading up.

    One thing I have not seen is where to find the serial number? Can someone please tell me the location? Bike is a 93 K75T.


    Zimm (Obviously not a BMW guy- yet)

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    Left side sticker on frame rail by center stand lift handle. Easiest to find
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    >>Bike is a 93 K75T.<<

    Great bike! I have a '92 version of the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    Left side sticker on frame rail by center stand lift handle. Easiest to find
    Or same location on right side stamped into frame.


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    Welcome to the forums and the MOA!

    Please read: - it's worth doing this since there are lots of K models that fall under this forum, and they do have different VIN tags/stampings in different spots. Please do this on future posts to the tech forums!

    Thanks for your cooperation!
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    I thought the K75T was only made in 1986 and 1987.

    Here's a picture of our 1987 K75T's back in 1988.
    The area around the headlight was different and I think the shield was standard. I don't remember the other differences.

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    Officially the T model was an '86 and '87 offering. It came with the double bucket touring seat, the International Windshield, and a drum brake like the K75C. In early '86 the bags were standard - later an option if I recall correctly.

    Lots of later low seat models (like the one pictured) we fitted with the International Windshield and called T models by some folks - I have a '94 set up this way - but it is actually a K75/3 not a K75T.
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