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Thread: lower a low suspension gs another inch?

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    lower a low suspension gs another inch?

    Would it be possible to lower a factory low suspension GS by another inch? Any links or stories would be appreciated.


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    Another inch a different way

    I took some others advice and added to the soles of my riding boots. I makes alot of difference for not much $$$$$s. Just a thought to consider.
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    Very tall GSA;

    Mine is very tall and I tippy toe frequently, BUT find adding a few items on board, inside the saddlebags lowers mine quite well. I keep my bags on all the time and fully loaded for travel the bike sits real nice, lower. You do not need to pack a lot, just enough to lower it. Mine probably has about 10+ lbs of stuff, plus bags weight, I keep in on the bike. IF you're used to riding without your bags and some minimal gear, you may try this. It works. Randy

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    SH - people have been known to install RT shocks on GS's in order to lower them. Dunno how much lower that would be over the GS factory low suspension. There are downsides to this, such as less suspension travel and lower riding bike (meaning the hard bits will touch down sooner) - which could be dangerous if you're using the aluminum cases and like to ride hard.
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    The Kahedo seat will give you perhaps another inch over the oem low seat. I would try that first. The factory low seat is...... brutal
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