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Thread: how to change lock box on 97 R

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    how to change lock box on 97 R

    My wife broke mounting tabs on right side case. HOw do you change out locking mechanism and/ or lock it self. all help greatly appreciated.
    point me in the right direction
    thank you

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    Hi CS,

    I will move this over to Oilheads when I can...

    What model in particular? the cases are the same om the R's, but adding that info in thread title can help.

    Is it the locking tab that holds it to the bike on backside of case? Or the two tabs on the top of cases?

    Here is a link to MAX BMW's parts fiche....scroll down to the cases and there are some PDF files to help repair the different latches. The parts are a little pricey...

    I just temporaried a repair for a buddy that had the small latch broken that is on the back of case. I had to drill two holes in the two top case hangers to slip some Zip-ties thru...he wasn't ready to spend $200 on parts.
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