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Thread: 92 k75rt fuel consumption woes ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhuges View Post
    I had fuel consumption problems.Replaced most everything replaceable finall did compression check on advice of a auto mechanic.BIKE HAD POOR COMPRESSION REMIDY i REPLACED ENGINE FROM beemer bONE YARD.hARD FIX but problem solved.
    To be honest, a compression check scares me but I guess before I replace every part on this bike, I should do it. I find it pretty easy to work on and enjoy wrenching and learning. I ordered some plug wires and plan to do a spline lube in the next few weeks, to find a transmission drip. Did the FD drive splines and they were well lubed so I'm optimistic. Valves checked and shims replaced. New rubber on the TB's and new temp sensor. Bad part is poor mileage is the only bad thing about the bike, starts and runs great. After the splines, maybe replace front wheel bearings.

    I don't enjoy spending money, I just feel certain things 25 years old need to be replaced.
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    If you can get a dealer to put it on the exhaust analyzer you might find the CO level is out of spec (rich) and they should be able to adjust the sensor in the air box accordingly. Rich will give better performance but will hurt mileage.

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    Thumbs down next step...

    Okay, I finally had enough time to remove the front wheel and check the bearings- they turn smoothly with no noise or signs of hesitation. Didn't have a puller to remove them so left well alone and reassembled. Also have checked for brakes rubbing- discs not getting hot and pads showing little to no sign of wear.
    My next thought is the airflow sensor- I can get a used one for a reasonable price, anyone have any thoughts on this? I haven't found anyone that is set up for exhaust gas analysis so haven't persued that avenue yet.
    Thanks for your ongoing input,
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